• Tri Ngo for Oakland District 1

  • Tri Ngo for Oakland District 1

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Building an Oakland that works for everyone


We have seen too many of our residents displaced by rising housing costs. We have passed by too many bleary-eyed homeless neighbors struggling on the streets. We have waited too long for our roads to be fixed.

We have been waiting for leadership while Oakland changes before our eyes. Our artists are being displaced. Our diversity is being lost. Our leaders say they are working hard but perhaps it’s time to work different.

I don’t believe our local government currently represents all of our people. I want to create a government that listens to and is accountable to everyone in our district.

I want to create a government that profoundly engages citizens by reducing barriers to political involvement.

I will create a government that encourages communication between neighbors because communication creates the understanding that enables real political power.

I am committed to this vision of government for our district of 57,000 citizens. On November 3rd, 2020 we will remake local government to represent the Will of the People.

In Solidarity,
Tri Ngo


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